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Many of today’s law enforcement agencies are struggling to balance the increasing demand from its citizens for more services with limited and/or declining budgets. One of the easiest and most cost-effective ways agencies can address this issue is by deploying an electronic ticketing solution. Automating the ticket issuing and processing system can significantly decrease cost, increase productivity and improve officer safety.


There are numerous methods to measure what the impact or return on investment (ROI) an electronic ticketing solution will have on an agency. Some agencies are focused on one main variable, while others measure the impact the solution will have on their entire system.

Below are several of the major variables to consider when measuring the ROI for deploying
an eTicketing solution:

1. Increased Productivity: Today, most patrol officers can issue a moving violation with a standard multi-part ticket form in approximately 10 to 15 minutes. With an electronic ticketing solution, officers are able to issue a ticket in two to three minutes. This time-savings – when applied to each of the patrol officers who conduct traffic stops each day – results in an enormous increase in productivity.

For example, if an agency has 20 patrol officers who each issue five traffic citations per day, with just a five-minute time-savings per citation, the result during just one year is an increase of over 1,600 hours of patrol time (20 officers x 5 citations/day x 200 work-days x 5 minute time-savings = 100,000 minutes).

2. Increased Accuracy: In national studies regarding the accuracy of the data contained on traffic citations, approximately 10-20% of citations have been found to contain errors, with some regions/agencies experiencing error rates has high as 35%...

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