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AVL/GPS Solutions

The APS mapping and AVL solutions provide an agency the most cost-effective solutions to track/monitor the location of its vehicle fleet, and assist officers in getting to their dispatched location(s) with the necessary mapping functionalities. Below is summary of the APS mapping and AVL solutions:

SkyView™ is the APS Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) application that enables an agency to track the location of all patrol vehicles. The APS solution provides an easy-to-read tracking screen, and does not require the agency to add any additional major hardware/server components.


The cost-effective way to track vehicles
SkyView™ is a cost-effective Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) solution that enables agencies to monitor and track all of the vehicles in their fleet. SkyView™ provides agencies a secure Web-based computer display of all vehicles that are equipped with a GPS monitoring device. APS recommends one of two GPS connectivity options: 1) For vehicles that have mobile computers installed, agencies can connect a small GPS locator device directly to the computer; 2) For vehicles without mobile computers, agencies may utilize a larger combined GPS/wireless-connectivity device.

Just Log On To the Internet
APS utilizes a centralized monitoring system, so agencies are not required to make any additional investment in back-end servers. The location of the fleet vehicles is provided on a private, secure Internet Web site that is unique for each agency. For additional access-control capabilities, agencies can also choose to establish an AVL server at their agency (for an additional fee).

Your Eye In the Sky
Agency personnel may access the AVL information from any standard Internet browser utilizing appropriate security protocols. The vehicle data is automatically updated every five seconds along with the speed, direction of travel, and other information from the vehicle.

The GPS receiver that is used in vehicles with a mobile computer. The GPS receiver and modem used in vehicles that do not have mobile computers.

APS: The Technology Leader in Public Safety
Advanced Public Safety (APS) develops innovative technology solutions for law enforcement, corrections, fire and EMS personnel specifically designed to address the challenges they face every day. These solutions work with an agency’s existing technology infrastructure to significantly increase officer safety and productivity.



  • Provides immediate and continual access to vehicle location information

  • Web-based interface allows access to data from numerous systems

  • Completely encrypted and fully secure system

  • Cost-effective alternative to traditional AVL systems

  • Does not require any additional back-end hardware investment

  • Option available to host secure AVL server on-site at agency

SkyView™ displays the location, speed, and direction of an agency’s vehicles.