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Electronic Version of Any Agency Form/Document
ReportBeam™ enables agencies create Electronic Forms™ that are an exact replica (or complete re-design) of any agency form/document, including: crash/accident reports, traffic citations, parking tickets, incident reports, field investigation forms, DUI packets, arrest reports, alarm forms, warnings, daily logs, tow slips, etc. 

Officers are able to quickly complete each form by: 1) auto-populating information from a mobile data system, 2) scanning information from a driver’s license and/or vehicle registration, and 3) utilizing customized drop-down lists.  The auto-population function is a patented feature only offered by APS and is particularly important because it allows an officer to complete a majority of the form without having to type-in any information.  Officers also have the ability to add attachments and other supplemental information to the document – and transfer the data to a second report, if needed.

ReportBeam™ also contains customizable data validation processes to ensure each form is 100% complete and accurate. ReportBeam™ also provides an easy spell-checking feature and a location verification program to ensure all information is accurate. 

In addition, the ReportBeam™ solution offers the option to include an integrated Crash/Incident Diagramming program – called SmartRoads™. The SmartRoads™ application enables users to create customized roadways, vehicles, intersections, and all other requisite features of an accident scene.  Diagrams can be completed in seconds with incredible precision and are integrated into the ReportBeam™ form.  (Note: APS also offers an advanced diagramming program for accident reconstruction efforts – called Vista FX™).

Once completed, the form can be printed in the field utilizing a thermal, high-impact, or laser-jet printer.  In addition, the data from each form can be transmitted to the centralized ReportBeam™ document management server to provide:  Workflow & Approval™, Reporting™, Geo-spatial™, and eCommerce™ functionalities.

APS: The Technology Leader in Public Safety
Advanced Public Safety (APS) develops innovative technology solutions for law enforcement, corrections, fire and EMS personnel specifically designed to address the challenges they face every day. These solutions work with an agency’s existing technology infrastructure to significantly increase officer safety and productivity.



  • Ability to create “paperless” work environment

  • Provides electronic version of any agency form

  • Auto-populates form(s) with data returned from mobile queries

  • Data validation ensures information is 100% accurate

  • Integrates with agency’s existing technology

  • Option to add diagramming and accident reconstruction program

Crash Form

The Electronic Forms™ module of ReportBeam™ enables agencies to create an electronic version of any document/ form.  All documents/ forms can be auto-populated with information from any mobile data system.