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The Sound of Efficiency
The APS QuickVoice™ software provides an audible voice that reads the data received on mobile computers in patrol vehicles. QuickVoice™, a patented technology, works in conjunction with each agency’s current mobile data software to analyze all of the data returned from a mobile query and then reads – in a clear human voice – key NCIC, motor vehicle, warrant and other pertinent information to officers. This includes: driver’s license status; color, make and model of the vehicle; outstanding warrants; stolen vehicles; and much more. In addition, the “on-board intelligence system” automatically calculates plate expiration dates and the length of outstanding violations, alerts officers of possible terrorist suspects and conducts additional analytics.

Keep Your Eyes on the Road, Not the Computer Screen
QuickVoice™ is not an artificial text-to-speech technology. Instead, QuickVoice™ uses a clear, actual human voice. Officers receive an abundance of information on their mobile computers that is not in a standard, user-friendly format. With QuickVoice™, however, all of the data is analyzed and only the critical information is verbalized – quickly and accurately – so officers no longer have to read the computer screen. Instead, they can focus their attention on the roadway and potentially dangerous suspects or situations.

Computers have become an essential tool for law enforcement. However, it is almost impossible for officers to maintain their focus on a suspicious vehicle/individual and read all of the information that is provided through the mobile computer.

QuickVoice™ eliminates the need for officers to look at a computer screen as they receive critical NCIC, motor vehicle and local warrant information audibly via the mobile computer.

APS: The Technology Leader in Public Safety

Advanced Public Safety (APS) develops innovative technology solutions for law enforcement, corrections, fire and EMS personnel specifically designed to address the challenges they face every day. These solutions work with an agency’s existing technology infrastructure to significantly increase officer safety and productivity.

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  • Enables officers to obtain information on dangerous suspects/vehicles without looking at the computer screen

  • Allows all information received on the mobile computer to be evaluated quickly and accurately

  • Decreases patrol vehicle accidents by minimizing screen distraction

  • Reduces contact time with law violators

  • Provides voice prompts with alert tones for high-priority information

  • Works with any mobile data software - no need to replace existing technology